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As of December 2021, we will offer the "Stumping" service so we can pay the producer, the trucker and the owner. For more information please go to the "New Section".

North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board

Created by Marketing Board for private woodlot owners.

About Us

Our silviculture projects in 2023 are $807,356

We respect our annual allowable cut to ensure sustainability

The North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board

Our goal is to be committed to give the best possible service to our private woodlot owners.

To ensure that quality work and service is provided and to provide assistance to all interested owners within our Board area.

What separates us from our competitors?

We give the private woodlot owners bargaining power to negotiate a fair price for the sale of their wood

Woodlot Owner Price

Please click on the "Mills" section in order to get the lumber prices.

We make sure that the wood producer received a fair price for their wood

The North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board