Arbec Forest Products Inc.

  Arbec Forest Products Inc.

1101 Water St
Miramichi, New Brunswick
E1N 4C6

       Delivered at Morrison Cove wood yard, Miramichi NB (Weyerhaeuser).

        Business hours :

       Monday to Thursday - 5:30 am to 10:00 pm

       Friday - 5:30 am to 5:00 pm

       Wood must be of the following species and delivered separately on truckloads:

  • Poplar;
  • Mixed hardwoods (maple, birches, ash & oak);
  • Softwoods (spruce, balsam fir, pines, tamarack and a max. of 10% hemlock per load).


  • 96" (2.44 m);
  • Min. 84" (2.14 m);
  • Max. 106" (2.70 m) 


  • Min. 3", except for spruce, fir & jack pine min. is 3.5";
  • Max. 25" (64 cm);
  • All diameter measurements are inside the bark.


  • No bolt shall have more than 6" (15 cm) of sweep over its entire length;
  • No bolt shall contain a crook or a fork;
  • Wood evidently over 3 months old may be rejected;
  • Bolts manufactured from dead or burnt trees are not acceptable;
  • Hardwood bolt shall contain max. 50% rot;
  • Softwood bolt shall contain max. 20% rot;
  • All limbs, knots, stubs and projections shall be cut flush with the body of the bolt;
  • Load refusal: Loads that have an excessive amount of defective wood will be rejected;
  • Loading quality: All loads must have a rounded top lower than the stakes. No cross piling, mud, brush, etc., will be allowed in the load. All trucks must have a min. of four (4) solid stakes. Trailers loaded lengthwise require 2' of clearance between tiers. All wood must be secured with 2 binders.

Safety: Drivers will take directions from staff and obey all safety orders while on company premises.  Please be advised that logs delivered to our yard not meeting our specifications, will be reloaded onto the trucks that delivered them and will be removed from Arbec's property.

        Restriction on volume delivered. Please call 506-548-8958 to inform staff of your future deliveries.

        The prices listed on the site are the prices you receive.

         Please note that the price does not include fuel.

          Fuel prices will be ajusted at the begining of each week.

  Contact Info

Phone: (506) 778-2700

Fax: (506) 778-2719

Email: info@arbec.ca

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