Duferco (Port de Belledune)

  Duferco (Port de Belledune)

112 Shannon Dr.
Belledune, NB
E8G 2W2

    Business hours :

       Monday to Fridayday : 6:00 am to 4:30 pm 


       HARDWOOD (Pulp)


  • Yellow and white birch, maple and poplar;
  • Species must be separated;
  • Accepts one load of poplar for every 5 loads of hardwood.


  • 8'.


  • Min. 3" ;
  • Max. 25".


  • Must be freshly cut and no more than 2-3 months old;
  • No foreign material including, branches, dirt, rocks, burned wood or imbedded items in the lumber;
  • Loader needed.

You have to register at the Port of Belledune before you start delivering. To obtain your entry card for a first delivery to Duferco please note that you must call (506) 737-3037 ask for Nicholas Savoie. Please for a first delivery come in the morning not before 8:00 am.

        The prices listed on the site in the prices you receive.

  Contact Info

Nicholas Savoie

Phone: (506) 737-3037

Email: nicolassavoie@hotmail.com

  Price Specification

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