Fornebu Lumber Woodlands

  Fornebu Lumber Woodlands

626 Newcastle Blvd
Miramichi, New Brunswick
E1V 2L3

        Hours of business:

        Monday to Friday: 7'00 am to 4:00 pm

       Friday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

       STUDWOOD Species:

  • Spruce, fir, jack pine.


  • Min. 9';
  • Max.9'4".


  • Min. 4 1/2" & Max.  8" (at small end) inside bark;
  • Max. 10.5 " (at large end) inside bark.


  • Butt flare limited to 2" or (5 cm) from main bolt;
  • Rot, excessive crook, dead and burnt wood are unacceptable;
  • Hard red stain is acceptable, white flecked red stained bolts are unacceptable;
  • Maximum sweep is 2" or (5 cm) per bolt of studwood no forks allowed;
  • Knots must be cut flush with the body of the bolt;
  • Splits, scars and other mechanical damage are unacceptable;
  • Bolts exhibiting porcupine chews or other defects greater than 1" or (2.54 cm) shall be put in the pulpwood;
  • Age at Delivery: Delivery in excess of 3 months of harvest could be refused.

            These prices are subject to change with 1 month notice.

            The prices listed on the site are the prices you receive.

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Phone: (506) 627-3704

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