Maibec Inc (Balmoral Cedar)

  Maibec Inc (Balmoral Cedar)

72 Rue Industrielle
Balmoral, New Brunswick
E8E 2W7

         Business hours:

          Monday to Thursday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

         Friday: 7:00 am to 12:00 (midi)

       SHINGLES (please call mill before delivery)


  • 8'8" (104") exact.


  • Min.   8.5" in Top;
  • Max. no maximum.


  • All branches have to be cut flush with the trunk;
  • Only logs slashed or topped with a chain saw or a circular saw will be accepted (sheared tops will be refused);
  • Logs containing forks will be refused;
  • Butt logs have to be cut above  root level to minimize flare effect;
  • Logs with diameters of 16" of less (inside bark) must contain a minimum of three faces of 4" of sound peripheral wood and with diameters exceeding 16" (inside bark) must contain a minimum of three faces of 5" of sound peripheral wood;
  • Any logs containing less sound wood than the minimum shown above will be refused;
  • Excessive presence of the following defects, whether they are isolated of grouped, may result in the rejection of the log; ring shake, split, crook, soft rot, red rot, ant holes, worm holes, wood-pecker holes and dry wood.
  • Other specifications see attachment Maibec Inc. - Other specifications
  • Quality ; stump and top, same goes for logs. Stem with a fork, dry or damaged by insects, will be refused. 

        Please call (418) 208-1656 before delivery.

        The prices listed on the site are the prices you receive.

  Contact Info

Luc Lambert

Phone: (418) 208-1656

Email: luc.lambert@maibec.com

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