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  SBC Cedar Inc

83 St André Rd
Saint André, New Brunswick
E3V 3N4

       Business hours:

        Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm


  • Need to be slashed at 8' 8".


  • Min. 9"  top and outside bark;
  • Max. 12"  butt.


  • All branches have to be removed and cut flush with the stem;
  • Only stems topped with a chain saw are accepted ( sheared tops will be refused);
  • No fork accepted, forked logs will be culled;
  • Curve: maximum of 1" per feet;
  • Flare butt: cut above root level to minimize flare butt effect;
  • Defects: logs with a large end diameter of 16" and less must contain a min. of three faces of 4" of sound peripheral wood;
  • Defects: logs with a large end diameter of more than 16" must contain a min. of three faces of 5" of sound peripheral wood;
  • Excessive occurrence of the following defects, whether they are isolated or grouped, may cause the rejection of the stem: heart rot, sap rot, ring shake, split, crook, soft rot, hard red rot, ant hole, worm hole, woodpecker hole, dry wood, black heart - a special attention has to be given to black heart during winter operation.  All the surface affected by this coloration has to be considered culled wood.

       The prices listed in the site are the prices you receive.

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Sylvain Garneau

Phone: (819) 661-2766

Fax: (506) 473-3401

Email: sgarneau@SBCcedar.com