Shaw Resources

  Shaw Resources

Hodgins Road
Belledune, New Brunswick
E8G 2E3

       Business hours

       Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm


Because of their PEFC certification, Shaw Resources does not accept wood from any property that will be converted for agricultural use of any kind. If an audit proves that the wood comes from a converted lot, the owner of this lot will be banned from the mill.

       WOOD PELLETS (Pulp)


  • Poplar, white birch and softwood pulpwood;
  • Species must be separated. N/A


  • Max. 8'.


  • Min. 2";
  • Max. 18".



  • No material older than 9 months will be accepted;
  • Loader needed;
  • No yellow birch, chipper cannot handle this product;
  • No foreign material including, branches, dirt, rocks, or imbedded items in the lumber;
  • All loads must be inspected by a Shaw employee prior to unloading;
  • The transportation certificates must be completed and signed by a Shaw employee prior to leaving premises;
  • Designated trailer cleaning area: Trailers can only be cleaned in designated areas, sign will be posted;
  • No round wood deliveries accepted on statutory holidays.

        CALL 506-548-8958 to inform us if you have any deliveries.

       Please respect the delivery times in the mill yard: not before 7AM and not after 4PM.

        It would be a good idea to contact Shaw Resources at 522-2839

        before making a delivery as it is not guaranteed that there will be someone there to unload.

         Please note: All loads must be inspected by a Shaw employee prior to unloading.

       NOTICE : We have noticed in the past few weeks that several suppliers come out of their vehicles with no or not all their PPE on.

       Our policy states that PPE is to be worn as soon as our property is entered.

       Thank you for your cooperation!

       The prices listed on the site are the prices you receive.


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Phone: (506) 522-2839

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