Uniboard Canada Inc. Division Savabec

  Uniboard Canada Inc. Division Savabec

152 Route Pouliot
Sayabec, Québec
G0J 3K0

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       Sunday to Saturday: 24/24 



  • Min. 7' 2" (2.20 m);
  • Max. 8' 6" (2.59 m).


  • Min.   4" inside the bark;
  • Max. 20" inside the bark.


  • white and yellow birch, sugar maple, red maple and beech.


  • Bolts cut perpendicular to the butt axis;
  • No hole bigger than 3 cm, no burned, no stain or insect / worm damage;
  • Branches, knots must be cut flush with the log;
  • Bolt must be free of foreign material, such as nails, metal, mud rocks or they will be rejected;
  • The percentage of rot and non conforming bolts shall not exceed 5% of the load volume;
  • The bolts must be reasonably straight logs (curve tolerated:  50% of the diameter for the logs of 9" to 20" (22 to 50 cm) and 100% of the diameter for the logs of 4" to 8" (10 to 20 cm) and shall not have contain any fork;
  • Loads containing bolts that do not meet the specifications mentioned will be automatically rejected and returned.

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Jerome Pelletier, Ing.f.

Phone: (418) 536-6389

Email: jerome.pelletier@uniboard.com

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