AV Group NB Inc. (Nackawic)

  AV Group NB Inc. (Nackawic)

103 Pinder Road
Nackawic, New Brunswick
E6G 1W4

      Business hours:

      First visit between 6 am and 6 pm to obtain your automated card.  After that, 24/7. Until 2022 Spring Weight Restrictions.


  • Poplar (trembling aspen and large-tooth aspen); 
  •  Mixed Hardwoods (maples, beech, ash);
  • Yellow and white birch;

Each species/product must be delivered separately or physically separated on the same load by either bunks or risers.


  • Min. 8' (2.54 m) Max. 5% by volume per load of bolts shorter that 4m (12');
  • Max. 20' (6.10 m);
  • Target: 16' (4.87 m).


  • Min. 3" (8 cm) at top;
  • Max. 24" (60.96 cm).        



  • No bolt shall have more than 12" (30 cm) of sweep over its entire length (16');
  • No bolt shall contain a swindler crook or a fork;
  • Wood older than 3 months old may be rejected;
  • No bolt shall contain more than 50% rot by volume. No dead or burnt trees;
  • All limbs, knots, stubs and projections shall be cut flush with the body of the bolt;
  • Loads that have an excessive amount of defective wood will be rejected.

       The prices listed on the site are the prices you receive.

  Contact Info

Joe Simpson

Phone: (506) 470-9378

Fax: 1 (506) 789-4136,

Email: Joe.Simpson@avg.adityabirla.com

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