Media Articles

December 08, 2022

Media Articles

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Radio Canada (French only) - Le gouvernement Higgs trop généreux envers les papetières dénoncent les syndicats

The Globe & Mail (English only) - Lumber prices have soared...

CBC (In English only) - N.B. holds firm on royalty rates on Crown timber as Alberta, B.C. raise rates again.

Radio Canada (In French only) - Le prix du bois augmente, mais tous n'en profitent pas dans l'industrie

CBC (In English only) - NB lumber companies quietly shattering income records

CBC (In English only) - Wood has never so valuable, so why aren't NB trees worth more?

CBC New (In English only) - Soaring lumber prices triggered look at profitability of NB forest companies, but no action

Radio CND (In French only) - Les grands perdants des prix records du bois d'oeuvre.

CBC (In English only) - Billion-dollar lumber sales barely budge N.B. sawmill assessments

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